Enlightened Balance CHAKRA SPA

              30 North Williams Street

        Brink Street Market Suite F

        Historic Downtown Crystal Lake

        Call us at 815-307-1180


This is what our customers are
saying about us......  :)

"All I can say is thank you.... thank you"
      "We love coming into this store"
"Love the store!"
       "This is my new favorite place!"
"Loving Energy Always"
      "Always a pleasure"
"Wonderful visit as usual, Thanks!"
      "Love, love, love your store!"
"Thought everyone was warm and compassionate"
      "I loved the store, I will definitely be back! "
"I love the experiences I have at Enlightened Balance!"
      "I enjoyed the 'Introduction to Watercolor Techniques'.
I enjoy learning new things and new techniques.
It is funny being able to play! I would love to do a painting
completely blindfolded from start to finish!" Chantalle
      "The 'Intro to Watercolor Techniques'  was the perfect
base to "Intuitive Painting" class. Further , Fran's "Intuition"
class that directly proceeded, truly complimented the
"Intuitive Painting as well to get us in the right frame of mind.
Kathleen is absolutely delightful and I've enjoyed
every minute of her class." S. Iodice 
      "I have taken 2 classes from Kathleen.  Absolutely loved both.
Wonderful, kind teacher.  Never felt rushed by her.  I will be taking
more classes from her again.  I highly recommend
her classes" S. Nolan
      "Lisa provided me with an unbelievable reading!
She helped me manifest the custody of my daughter that was
in no way even possible before the reading.  I did the exercises
she told me to do. Weeks later my x called and told me I could
have custody of our daughter!" Eric
      "Lisa's work is amazing.  What she tapped into and facilitated
movement on made a bid difference in my interactions with my
roommate and other men in my life.  I understood another
aspect of human dynamics on a whole new level.
Thank you, Lisa.  Brooklin K

PLEASE NOTE: Any above comment without a name were received by customers that paid using our credit card payment system.  Since the comment is tied to the credit card instead of a name, for security reasons we have not listed their information.

Our Mission....Enlightened balance natural products, natural products in Crystal Lake, natural beauty products 

Enlightened Balance is about all things that make you feel good!  Our mission is to pass on our Positive Energy to you the minute you walk through our door! 

We strive to sell products that are organic, essential oil based, sustainable, recycled or at the very least chemical free!

We believe in Our community and believe in the talents of our local artists.  Because we support each artists vision no matter how big or small, the majority of our Art, Décor and Jewelry is made by local artisians!  

We believe in supporting personal and spiritual growth so our classes, workshops and events aim to enrich your mind, body, spirit and soul!  

We believe that loving and taking care of yourself is where TRUE happiness starts.  We offer a variety of Psychic, Wellness and Body Balancing services to accelerate and nurture your personal growth.

We believe in carrying extraordinary, unusual and unique items that are so special that when you give them it will be undeniable how much they are honored, loved and appreciated.  PS it is okay to honor, appreciate and love yourself too!

Finally, We are GRATEFUL for you who have shared your path, journey, stories and love and who we now consider family!  XO