Every Friday- Laura
     Medium Session
      Mediumship Instruction 
     Psychic Intuitive Session 
             Reiki Chakra Energy Balancing - 30-minute minimum
Reiki - Business and Home - 1 hour minimum
         Ultimate Reading Energywork Combo - 45-minute minimum
    Animal Communication
     First Weekend of the Month- Cate
      Abundance Wealth Guidance
      Card Reading
Couple or Group Reading
Crystal Vibrational Reiki Energywork - 30-minute minimum
Ultimate Energywork Reading Combo - 45-minute minimum
Native Energy Balancing Session - 30-minute minimum 
     Psychic Intuitive Session
Self-Love Session
  Tapping Session
Spiritual Guidance  
    Many Other Practitioner and Service Offerings
See Practitioners and Psychics Page for Other Offerings   
     Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday - Lisa
                 Astrological Oracle Card Reading
                 Aura Reading
                 Clairscentient Constellation Session
                 Couple or Group Readings - 15 minute per person minimum
                 Live Soul Channeling
                 Manifesting Magic Session
                 Problem Resolution Session
                 Private Guided Meditation
                 Psychic Intuitive Reading
                 Seated Chakra Balancing
                   Vivaxis Connection 


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Enlightened Balance

                          Chakra Spa

    Every 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the Month - Shawn
     Angel Card Reading
    Angel Connection Session
        Medium Session
       Spiritual Guidance
            Psychic Intuitive Reading     
     Every Tuesday, Thursday and 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays - Paula 
                Akashic Records - 30 minute minimum
                Angel Card Reading
                Intuitive Reading
                Reading Energywork Combo - 45 minute minimum
                Reiki Energy Balancing/Chakra Balancing - 30 minute minimum
                Reiki with Sound Balancing - 30 minute minimum         

Holistic Services Offered Every Day - Closed Mondays

Walk-ins Welcomed, Appointments Suggested .

     Every Wednesday- Deah
      Shamanic Energy Balancing - 30-minute minimum
Past Life Regression
Tarrot Card Readings
Reading Energywork Combo - 45-minute minimum
Shamanic Instruction and Mentoring - 1 hour minimum

    Every Sunday and 4th Saturdays of the Month - Fran
     Angel Card Reading
    Angel Connection Session
    Crystal Prescription
    Medium Session
   Mediumship Instruction
      Palm Reading
          Psychic Intuitive Reading