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In order as they appear above

James Vernon - Paintings
Lindsey Halpern-Givens - Prayer Beads, Eyeglass Cords, Faerie Dolls, Smidgy Bit talking points 
Lisa Matras - Jewelry
Matt Corrado - MandalaTapestry
Chris Trent - Photography
Rebecca Brown - Oracle decks, Blessing Wheels, Rock Art  
Ken Culberson - Japanese inspired Art
Alex Barbour - Drawings
Ben Rosenfield - Bowls, Mugs, Frog Houses, Runes Sets, Good Luck Charms, Drums, Smudge Dishes   
Dick Chapman - Meditation Benches 
Lindsey and Shannon - Jewelry
Maryann Petruska - Inspirational Rock Art
Lisa Davids - Photography
Barbara Sistak - License Plate Art
Kim Grannemann - Jewelry, Pendulums, Paintings, Smudge Fans  
Alicia Hollis - Pottery Dishes
​Cathy Levin - Body Scrubs, Dream Catchers
​Mary Dollahan - Jewelry, Scarves, Purses
Marie Brandell - Jewelry, Scarves, Purses
Cori Getzelman - Candles, SoapJust John - Jewelry, Medicine Pouches, Amulets, Energy worker tools, Divining Rods 
​Becky Clow - Upcycled Jewelry, Vases 
​Cheryl Voss - Essential Oil  Jewelry 
​Don Elder - Stained Glass Art, Sculptures
Doug Visona - Collage Art   
Kim Brandt - Meditation CDS
Lyn Nuck - Mandalas, Incense Burners, Jewelry, Pyramids
Scott Mensching - Fairy Houses, Fairy  Furniture
Kendra Kantor - Paintings
Rev. Leslie-Anne - Prayer Beads
Angie Zxuh - Journals, Pendulum Pouches, Tarot Pouches, Altar Clothes
Lisa DeMars - Hand painted Silk Scarves, Pendulum Mats, Deck Wraps
RA Moonhawk - Healing Wands, Books
Norma Chapman - Meditation Cushions 
Garett Mensching - Photography
Matt Mata - Jewelry 
Rita Mishler - Paintings
John Meservey - Paintings
​Vanessa Zavodny - Terrariums, Elemental Bulb Art
Jodie Kraft - Chakra & Feng Shui Art Dyed and Painted Tiles 
Deonna Palaez - Essential Oil Home and Body Products
David Napora - Intention Essential Oil Candles, Crystal Surprise Candles 

Karen Meter - Scarves
Annie Stokesberry - Essential Oil Perfumes, Hobo Boots and Shoes
Lindsey Grannemann - Bookmarks, Key Chains, Paintings
Brian Malone - Cement Art, Light Bulb Art
Patricia Caldwell - CDS
Lisa Gnaidy - CDS
John Wohnrade - Money Trees 
Kristina - Candles
Laurie Pritchard - Pillows, Cushions
Marion - Fairy Doors
Courtney Kramer - Altar Boxes

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